Can very made toasts increase the risk of tumors?

The Food Standards Agency of the United Kingdom (FSA, for its acronym in English) warns that very made toast, also burned, along with other very made foods such as very fried potatoes, generates acrylamide, a chemical formed by the reaction between amino acids and sugars that, according to several studies, causes tumors in animals.

However, research on the effect of this compound on people is still inconclusive.

Very cooked food

British organization Cancer research It indicates that there is no evidence of the relationship between cancer and acrylamide in humans, but FSA scientists argue that this cancer potential could also affect us.

The foods that generate acrylamide are high in starch and have been cooked at temperatures above 120 ° C: toast, roasted and fried potatoes, cereals, cookies, coffee ... or in some root vegetables and tubers cooked at high temperatures: carrots, onions, garlic, leeks, turnips ...

It should also be noted that the FSA made a particular warning in the case of toast, considering that the darker the tone that the bread acquires when heated, higher is the acrylamide concentration.