This is the biggest walking robot in the world

If we saw it in front of us we would think that we are in front of a dinosaur or maybe one of those Game of Thrones dragons. And is that Fanny, is a gigantic robot dragon. So much that It is the world's largest walking robot.

And is that Fanny is a radio controlled dragon robot that measures no less than 15.72 meters long and 8.2 meters high.

Robot monster that spits fire

Manufactured by Zollner Elektronik AG, in Germany, for an annual folklore festival, Fanny has a 2-liter turbo diesel engine and has a mass of 11 tons, about 158 ​​Komodo dragons (which with its 70 kg is the largest lizard in the real world).

Fanny throws fire of almost 10 meters, walk on all fours and its wings measure more than 12 meters. It consists of two hydraulic circuits consisting of 272 valves that use 165 liters of oil. It also has 1300 meters of cables and 110 meters of electric pneumatic lines.

You can travel around a kilometer and a half per hour using its 140 hp engine and each of your legs has seven different degrees of movement, so you can walk sideways and around the corners.