If you are willing to explore, pay attention to the consequences

If you get away a few million kilometers from Earth, until it is only a pale blue dot surrounded by millions of galaxies, you take perspective, and you ask yourself: why do people attach so much importance to ideas and customs when they are only giblets in an incomprehensible universe?

Why so much defense of beliefs and customs if in a few years we will be dead? Why so much fear and reverence if in the end our sun will become an orange giant and engulf the Earth?

The little time we have here, it is at least entertaining or enlightening to seek, explore and criticize what we consider false or insufficiently founded in order to avoid suffering or, at best, approach the beauty of the truth , that truth always unattainable.

We are dust in the middle of dust asking ourselves insignificant questions and approaching regrettably to certain plots of truth.

We are dust in the middle of dust asking ourselves insignificant questions and approaching regrettably to certain plots of truth (basically locating patterns or models that allow us to predict what will happen, and knowing why what happens or what happened), and, without However, we hit our chests and take offense to the minimum every time someone questions or ridicules our, by definition, questionable and ridiculous belief system.

No matter what we create, we always think it is a better belief than someone else's, and more importantly: that those beliefs define us and their dismissal affects our reputation as clever types, so we defend them with anger, we self-deceive if someone discovers the cake and we finally cling to them not only as dogmatic and indisputable truths, but also as a pavement where to hold everything we are.

However, the only way to explore is to move, leave the pavement that sustains us, find new discoveries, endure criticism and playfulness of those who do not think like us, and do so with sportsmanship and an open mind. The only way to explore and discover is to empty the saddlebags as much as possible, release ballast so as not to look like a fan stuck in its four crisp and suffocating walls taxes for the religious, moral or secular culture in force.

Whoever sets out to explore must be prepared to change their point of view of things, their point of view on their relative importance in the world and, above all, must be willing to change and progress, assimilate and nuance, everything he believes, everything he thinks, everything he feels. Otherwise, the explorer is not moving from the site or carries with him his small atmosphere of ideas, always staying apart from everything else, like a museum piece exhibited in a manly.

Whoever sets out to explore must be prepared to change their point of view of things, their point of view about their relative importance in the world.

Whoever is willing to explore does not consider that his four truths about the world constitute the absolute truth, otherwise he will always end up distrusting other points of view and offending himself to the minimum, forcing all those who cross his path to be Take with smoking paper. All for fear and anger to accept that he is just a simple explorer surrounded by things he ignores.

All because he has associated his Self with these four truths, instead of assuming that his Self must always be evolving based on what he discovers in his exploration, and consequently only temporarily adheres to one or the other ideas. And therefore ideas do not define him as an explorer and not as an individual, but the continuous transfer of them, his exploratory movement, his evolutions and involutions, his epiphany or seppukus, always in motion, like clouds in a turbulent sky. That is the I, movement. The opposite is paralysis, brain death.

Those who are willing to explore must assume that they may encounter a picturesque tribe that dresses in loincloth and performs ridiculous customs, offering explanations of natural phenomena that, at all points, are erroneous, the product of their imagination or his need to fill his gaps of ignorance with comforting myths and explanations. Then you will say yours, you will display what you know, you will light your lighter to show that you can make fire.

It doesn't matter if the tribe erects you as their new God, or if they burst out laughing at your ideas, totally ridiculous compared to their belief system. That is the least. The important thing, the really important thing, is that the explorer knows that in front of that tribe with loincloths maybe he is looking in a mirror.

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