In this video you can see a printing press of Gutenberg working

When the printing press was born thanks to the German Johannes Gutenberg In 1436, for the first time in history they began to be able to copy books easily and cheaply. This was a powerful incentive to learn to read: before there were few books and they were difficult to obtain. For example, a person born in 1453, the year of the fall of Constantinople, could treasure eight million books born thanks to the printing press, more than all the books produced by all the Amanuenses and scribes of Europe.

The printing press was thus something like the internet of the past, a gigantic and powerful tool for disseminating knowledge. That's why it produces a certain chill to contemplate one of those printers working, as in the video that tops this post.

The printing press is in Crandall Historical Printing Museum. In the demonstration one of the pages of the bible gutenberg, the first text that Gutenberg printed.

Then came other books, and deep social revolutions. Because the printing press did great things for us (although soon it will stop doing them).

Video: How a Gutenberg printing press works (February 2020).