We received the first signal confirming that ExoMars 2016 is heading for Mars

Yesterday he sent his first signal to Earth, confirming that the ship has deployed its solar panels and is heading to Mars as planned, as you can see in the video that heads this entry. We refer to the mission ExoMars 2016, a program of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian Roscosmos to seek life on Mars.

The ship ExoMars2016 It has two components, a satellite (TGO) that will remain orbiting the Red Planet to study the gases present in its atmosphere, and a module (Schiaparelli), which in October will land on its surface to test the technologies that will allow two years to send another ship, ExoMars2018. This mission is part of the European Aurora Program and will cost 850 million euros. The mission's main objective is to look for evidence of life on Mars, both past and present.

Video: Scientists test new Mars landing method (February 2020).