Atlas, of Boston Dynamics, already knows how to carry out the cleaning

Sweeping, picking up trash or vacuuming the floor are some of the tasks entrusted to Atlas, the Boston Dynamics robot, to test their movements and the latest software updates. This way of testing the robot makes a lot of sense, because this is how new and atypical (and very human) movements are tested, as you can see in the video that heads this post.

According to the Atlas operator John carff:

Giving orders of movement to this robot is not as simple as using a control knob with buttons and telling it to move. No, the truth is that I must tell you the action you must take through the user interface, such as telling you to lift a bottle from the table, and he will tell me the movements he plans to use to perform this action. If I agree, I will tell you to execute them.

It is not the first time that Boston Dynamics it surprises us with its robots that execute very human (or very animal) movements, like the case of the galloping robot, or the impressive bipedal robot that moves almost like a human being.

Video: What's new, Atlas? (February 2020).