Science in action: science and experiments by and for young people

In the video that heads this post you have a summary of what was Science in Action, an initiative that was held in Viladecans, specifically in the Parc de Can Xic, on October 16-17, and that presents science in an attractive way to young people. That is, basically through talks and experiments. The video is in Catalan and subtitled in Spanish. Among them, for example, a dinosaur farm as artificial pets, in which robotic technology was shown.

In this meeting the prizes were also awarded to the winners of the science education and communication program, in which 368 projects have participated in their more than 20 modalities. Science in Action It is an initiative of the Higher Council for Scientific Research, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, the Royal Spanish Society of Physics, the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry, the Spanish Astronomy Society, the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the Geological Society of Spain and the National University of Distance Education.

Video: FORCE and MOTION. Cool Science Experiments for KIDS. Gideon's World of Science (February 2020).