Ecotruck, a vehicle to purify contaminated air

Ecotruck, a small vehicle that purifies atmospheric air and helps control the pollution problems of cities caused by road traffic, has been patented by the iventor castellonense Eusebio Moro. Air pollution in cities is a serious problem that causes respiratory and cancer diseases. If, for example, you live about 100 meters from a highway or highway with heavy traffic, then you suffer an acceleration of the growth of the plate of your arteries of 5.5 micrometers per year (more than double the average of its annual growth) .

Ecotruck has a driving cabin and an additional area where the filtering of atmospheric air that is absorbed by nozzles occurs. Contaminated air enters the vehicle and goes outside again already purified. In the video that heads the post you can see its operation better.

Video: Lower Emissions & Fuel Consumption with AireDock TSE (February 2020).