Thousands of images of anatomy, diseases, surgery, orthopedics or neuroscience free to download

More than 100,000 images that can be downloaded in high resolution and freely used whenever there is no profit motive are available on the Internet thanks to the Wellcome Collection in London. The collection is one of the most varied and unique in the world.

In addition to images of the social life of the time, narrating two thousand years of the culture of humanity, along with 40 engravings by Goya or up to hundreds of manuscripts of Tibetan Buddhism texts, in this collection you can find an infinity of scientific jewels.

Illustration of mechanical hand, 1564 Illustration of a "mechanical hand" drawn by Ambroise Paré in the 16th century

Through a search engine that allows you to filter the search through the fields of title, author, subject, time and technique, then, we can find images of jpeg format and 300 dots per inch of resolution, for example, hospitals and research centers of the United Kingdom on anatomy, diseases, surgery, orthopedics and neuroscience.

The collection reserves the property of a certain number of images, especially scientific ones, which can only be obtained in high resolution by paying a fee. The few that have this status have a watermark in the search previews.

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