According to scientists a laser could help to know who drives drunk

The problems that can be triggered by the driving a drunk car, and in fact the governments of many countries seek in one way or another to eradicate that practice. And now as additional help towards this eradication, Polish scientists say a laser could be the next helper to detect drunkness in a driver.

They are scientists from the Warsaw's Military University of Technology who have published a study detailing a laser can detect alcohol vapor inside a vehicle, even when it is in motion.

The operation of the system, which is detailed with greater precision in the study, is based on a laser aimed at the moving car that once reached its destination would bounce through a mirror to a detector which would be responsible for obtaining information on the concentrations of alcohol found in the car.

According to the study, in tests performed based on a system that simulates the breath of a drunk driver, a blood alcohol level of 0.1 percent could be detectedHowever, scientists say the system could detect even lower concentrations.

On the other hand it is also said that said detection system has some obvious problems, such as that driving with the glasses down, or the air conditioner on, can help not detect the vapors, or that the presence of other drunk passengers would not define exactly if it is the driver who is drunk. Although for both cases, scientists say that; If there is no exact data on the driver's condition but there are indications of something, the police may decide to make a review after obtaining some clues.